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INERTIA Presentation in INES Conference 2015

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INERTIA participated in the IEEE 19th International Conference on Intelligent Engineering Systems, which was held on 3-5 September in Bratislava, Slovakia. Around 10 people attended the presentation done about INERTIA including academia and industry attendees.

The participation in the INES2015 Symposium consisted on the preparation of a paper and a presentation describing the main concepts of the INERTIA Linked Data approach with focus on technical solution. The presentation was done by TUK in conferences’s T1a session on Systems Engineering. The presentation described the INERTIA approach to data representation on level of events and semantic description. The complete solution of transforming living building sensor-network to LikedData endpoint was described. The corresponding paper describes the approach of the implementation of SPARQL query enabling access to building real-time sensor readings.